DELICIOUS is a multi-platform ordering application that helps people order food from food trucks around campus.

Because of COVID-19, many legitimate private kitchen businesses have emerged. People who are very good at cooks can make many servings of food and share them with people in the group orders through social media (namely WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and more.).

The idea, based on the fact that the legal private kitchen business has not been systematized, is that there is a need to create an integrated platform that brings food together and allows users to easily browse and book different dishes for each family. The idea came from the thought of food sharing and it combines all the private kitchens into one platform, and students no longer need to pick their favorite food through various social apps, thus saving their time. By effectively sharing information through mobile phones, students can also bring food to their friends nearby. Everyone can try different kinds of fresh food to freshen up their lives. DELICIOUS focuses mainly on data visualization and resource sharing.

Research Workflow

Mind Mapping


Bin Zhang
Dalhousie Students

"I have a group meeting on Wednesday afternoon from 2 to about 3:30, and I have class from 4 to 6. I don't want to cook my own food. But I always want hot Chinese cuisine at that time of the day. I care so much about COVID-19, and I don't want to eat Pizza, so if someone could bring me some Chinese food that I like, I'd appreciate it."

"We cook a lot of cuisines every day, and kids say they are delicious, and they want to share them with their friends. My kids' friends often like to try the food from our hometown. Due to COVID-19, the restaurants involved are closed. Our menu is very ordinary but offers almost everything you would want from a Chinese restaurant. We offer low prices because our aim is to share the food from our hometown and try not to waste them. We run a "friendly business" by selling as many meals as we can each day!"

Peter Li
Family Chef

Company Manager

"I have a busy day job and although we now work from home, I can't cook my own meals because of the hour break I get. I can get hungry after working long hours so I would appreciate it if food could be pre-ordered and delivered the next day to give me have energy in the afternoon."

Chef's Workflow

User's Workflow



Fast view food carts
List three local favourite on the top
Choose to view different families' food

Today or Preorder

Choose today's food menu or preorder next day's food


View comments from chef self and customers


Online order


Driver of the delivery with star comment
Show the distance to users on the map

Final Design


What I learned from this project was create a complete mobile app production from start to finish. From conducting user research, that resonates with users and chefs, to defining design requirements and developing prototypes, and testing them with actual users to know why things don’t work the way we think they should. This app is created for two groups of people: home cooks and users, both to facilitate them both and to realize the ideal of 'sharing food' in safe conditions.

Looking back, what would I have done differently?

1. After determining the location for receiving order. The map can navigate the nearby destinations available for service.
2. Users can reserve some of their favorite family meals up to one week in advance to make the week richer. The APP interface can display the items offered today and can be booked in advance.
3. In the comments interface, families rate themselves, and users rate this family, and provide a reasonable comparison. It would be a challenge for us if the app could calculate the difference value between two ratings in proportion to the number of orders placed by each family. Then, three families are recommended for the user each day. In short, we need to consider how we can justify daily recommendations by taking into account various factors.