G-Garden is an NFT based online plant raising application that allows growing plants to make online plants worth more, namely, to measure the value of the plants you raise by the value of the NFT.
The idea was inspired by my hobby, I am a plant lover, but because of my kittens I am unable to keep plants at home. I have found that many plant lovers are unable to grow plants indoors due to practical factors such as health conditions, pets at home, or people being busy at work. My initial plan was to design an online plant growing application to help bridge the gap between users who are unable to grow plants indoors.
A recent piece of news has piqued my curiosity and it reads "NBA icon Stephen Curry buys Bored Ape NFT for $180,000," according to the Theblockcrypto website. Well after doing some research, I found that "digital art" has been sparking a wave of popularity on the Internet. All "digital artworks" are represented by NFTs, and each piece of art is unique and untamable. Many NFT platforms provide a selection of "digital artworks" such as paintings, music, photos. The NFT platform also offers a variety of digital art options, just like adopted ones, such as Crypto Kitties, doge, and Crypto Trees.
After conducting user research, I settled on designing and creating an application: an app that combines indoor plant growing and NFT, where the user can determine the value of the chosen plant based on its type, age and shape. This application allows users who cannot grow plants in real life to entertain themselves by growing plants, while increasing the value of these digital plants. Our goal is to make it a universal template that can be used on numerous platforms.


Plant lovers have the following problems:

If you have plants at home, some of them may lead to family pets poisoned.
Growing plants can be difficult as busy work schedules can easily lead to neglect of plant care.
It is difficult to keep track of the plant growing process in a systematic way.
People hope that technology to increase the value of their plants.

These problems will be solved by creating:

A platform including an App and Website will guide users in growing digital plants and measure the valuation of the digital plants.

The effect will be reflected in:

More plant lovers will be able to grow their plants and increase their value through this platform. More people will learn about NFT, combining technology, art and life. Cultivate plants to your satisfaction on the basis of encrypted and protected of property rights.

The Process

Mind Storming

Mind Mapping


About Tony Lee

Tony Lee is a plant lover. He worked at a full-stack engineer for a start-up company. He was constantly updated with the latest idea and news. His job necessitates the loss of a lot of personal time for complex work and he has a kitten at home named Yoki, who got poisoned last year while eating at Tony's plant because Tony's knowledge of cat ownership was weak. Tony had to throw away all the plants at home to protect his kitten. He was upset that he needed to choose one between houseplants and his kitten, so he always wants the opportunity to grow houseplants, even if they are virtual ones.

“I hope that I could grow plants at home one day even if as a virtual plant”.


a. It allows for a compromise between keeping pets and keeping plants.

b. Being a virtual growing application, it gives the user an immersive experience.

c. Planting online can enhance the artistic value of plants through the NFT platform.


a. It is impossible for plant lovers to grow at home because of their pets.

b. It takes a lot of time to grow indoor plants.

c. Nowadays, financial management becoming more important. It is a great challenge to make financial management and living habits work together.

Tony’s Story

Tony’s Need

01.Find (Plants & NFT)

Find an NFT platform where you can grow some green plants online and where the plant director's online plants have value as artwork.


Registration online, get his plant with NFT ID and choose a wallet to connect with the platform.

03.Growing Online

Tony could grow a green plant online, and with fitting water and sunny, the plant will improve its value.

Prototyping Summary

Key Features

After Using this Platform




G-Garden mobile system
Users plant their favorite plants online.
Viewing plants value, carefully planting to improve plants value.
Home, Ranking, Search, and portfolio buttons in this app.


Registration on the mobile
When users first enter into the app,
from pictures to choose their interest plant category to view.

View Plants

After choosing the plant category,
the detailed introduction about plants will appear.
Users free to buy their favourite plants.


Login with users' email.
The homepage will show three categories on the top:
Common plants, Easily to plant(for busy people), and popular plants.
8 categories of plants on the platform shown on the homepage.

Plant Details

All plants details are shown for users.
Users could subscribe their favourite by using their account.
Users could share online plants with friends.


Choose to prefer room number,
room image information on the left,
room details information on the right.


From the Search page,
users could use search bar to search their favourite plant.


From the Profile page
shown users' owned items and subscription items.


Creator could choose lighting time every day.
The frequency and lighting hours could be set by every creator.
When the plant is lighting, the Sunny logo will be filled with yellow.


The creator could choose Watering times and water consumption every day.
After setting the watering button, the watering logo will be filled with blue.

G-garden Website

G-garden not only has a mobile app but also has a website.
From the website page, users could read more information from the website
both about registration and plants details.

Final Design --- Mobile

Final Design --- Website


G-Garden is an app that caters to plant lovers. NFT is very popular as a cryptocurrency at the moment. The app is envisioned to be the template for future NFT apps or online plant cultivation applications. The magic of this application, which combines plant cultivation and NFT, is that through patient and careful cultivation by the user, online plants may grow rare pendants and optional "energy" to increase the value of the plant.

Challenge in the future

If given the opportunity, I would like to share with the network about the future use of this application once it has been developed. It's important to share our experience of using it regularly, to get valuable feedback and to ensure that my team can solve problems correctly and approach the goal at a steady pace. At the beginning of the project, when all the big problems are divided into smaller ones and solved one by one during the production process to avoid duplication of efforts, the project will be completed more efficiently.