Lee Hotel Reservation System provides a better user experience and helps travelers book their ideal room through a visual selection interface. When guests check in, they won't be disappointed with the floor, room number, room layout, or the view from the window as the hotel's web-based booking system provides a 360-degree preview of the room in advance.


Customers may have problems

A guest may book a room and after checking in, they may not like the actual furnishing arrangement inside. For example, after being placed by hotel staff, the guest may find that there are no windows or be dissatisfied with the hotel's arrangements, as some customers are concerned about the suite number they are staying in.

The problems will be solved by

creating an order web interface including both choosing and navigation.

The effects will be seen by

Decreasing the time spent navigating the room. Meet customer’s needs for room view, suite number, and room layout.

Card Sorting

Mind interview

User interview


"When I looked at the pictures, I booked this hotel on the website, and I was happy with the cleanliness and tidiness of the room. However, when I checked in, I noticed that my room did not have a window. During the peak tourist season and there were no more rooms for me to choose from to change. If I had been staying in a room without a window, I would have found the air in the room very unpleasant. So it would have been nice if I could have seen the floor plan of the room before I checked into the hotel."

"I want to propose to my girlfriend on this wonderful holiday in the city she loves so much, and it would be great if I could book the same room number as her birthday, which would help my proposal plan a lot. I called the hotel I wanted to book many times but as it was peak tourist season it was difficult to get the room number I liked, if I could choose the room number I wanted directly online I would have booked in advance."


Peter and Lisa

"My husband and I came on holiday to this city with a sea view , and we were delighted book a hotel by the sea, hoping that to enjoy the view of the seaside city during our break. But when we checked in, we were disappointed to realize that the room we were randomly assigned to was on the other side of the hotel and had no sea view. We would not have been so disappointed if we could have seen the view from the window in advance of our reservation."

Customer Workflow Summary

  • Customer can arrive on time directly to the room they have booked without having to worry about being dissatisfied with the room and affecting their holiday mood.
  • Customer can see the exact style of the room when choosing to book it.
  • Customer who has concerns will be given the most suitable room.
  • Help to reduce customer disappointment at check-in and increase positive reviews of the hotel.
  • Quickly see what the room looks like when searching for a reservation.



Lee Hotel Booking System
Hotel Breif Introduction
Viewing hotel police, customer flow, and room layout. Self-choosing prefer floor and rooms

Check in & out

Choose check in and Check out date on the calender
Home page will show the date
(Check in & Check out)

Customer Information

Customers enter the information of booking.
(how many adults and children to check in, and if accept flexible date)

Room Booking

The system can locate the available floors for customers to choose from based on the customer's selected time. After customers have selected the floors, the system will show the available rooms for the customers to choose.

Room Information

Choose prefer room number,
room image information on the left,
room details information on the right.


Room details, layout in the room, and outside viewing

Room Confirm

After confirmation, the price will be displayed.
When confirming the payment, you can also check again if you want to see the information about the room again.

Payment & Homepage

After payment, you can also go back to homepage,
where you can learn more about the hotel's policy and the hotel's traffic in the past seven days.

Final Design


Through research, I have found that many people are not satisfied with the arrangement of their rooms when they check into a hotel. For example, the location of the room, the floor plan, and the arrangement of the facilities inside can all cause dissatisfaction among customers.
For this project, I designed a hotel system: filtering out unorganized floors and available rooms based on customer's requests. Customers can always check the layout of the room and the view from the window, allowing them to be selective when booking their stay.

Challenge in the future

In the future, I will improve this project by adding a payment interface, a login interface, and a service interface. In this project, due to the technical and space constraints, I was not able to show the room style in 360 degrees and could only show a two-dimensional pictures (including the interior styling of the room and the view outside the window) to customers. In the future, this will be one of the technical goals that I will try to overcome.